Fisso holding systems have been developed in close cooperation with the University Hospital Zurich. They are easy to position and can be fixed in place securely and rapidly with a single knob. The central tightening unit enables simple and fast positioning plus safe holding of breathing circuits, pressure transducers, endoscopes, instruments as well as other medical components and devices. Thanks to close cooperation with specialists all over the world and our decades of manufacturing experience, our products are constantly being improved, optimized and perfected. Fisso systems are made of high-quality steel and light alloy and are characterised by a purely mechanical central tightening unit. Their solid quality guarantees a long-lasting service life. Fisso enhances patient care Many advantages characterize the high-quality Fisso holding systems: - easy handling thanks to the quick central fixation - exact positioning and safe holding - easy to clean - modular design Fisso, tried and tested for decades, is the original that promises high reliability, functional design and is Swiss Made

FISSO Articulated Instrument Holder with Straight Upright table post  3840.67

FISSO Articulated Instrument Holder with Right Angled Upright Table Post 3840.65

FISSO Articulated Telescope Holder with Right Angled Upright Post 3840.61

FISSO Articulated Telescope Holder with Straight Upright Post  3840.60

FISSO Articulated Arm with "U" Shaped Upright Table Post 3840.66

FISSO Articulated Arm
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