Bowa Electrosurgery Cables

BOWA cables are designed and manufactured to safely undergo up to 300 sterilisations. That is between 250 and 260 more than all other brands. So what does that extra life expectancy add up to?

Cables that last five times longer offer five times less opportunity to exceed their safety limits.

Because they outlast the life of all other cables, BOWA’s cables have the lowest cost per use – a staggering 500% less cost per use – of any other products available today.

BOWA cables are available ex-stock, and exclusively in the UK from Caterham Surgical Supplies and SIGH.

BOWA cables fact sheet

High autoclavable quality
300 times autoclavable at 134 to137°C.
High electrical strength
With a maximum permitted voltage of 6000 Vp.
3 awards for ergonomic design
Singled out for their ergonomic and medical qualities.
Colour coding
On insertion, the orange part of the plug disappears into the generator, indicating the correct position.
Safety stripes
To prevent tripping.
Compatible with all connections
Connecting instruments with generators from BOWA, Erbe, Valleylab, Conmed, Martin, etc.
Bend protection
Certified to 93/42 EEC
And conforming to IEC 60601-2-2
Made from medical grade silicone
Offering a high hygienic standard and biocompatability, while being elastic and multi-resistant.
Latex-freeGlass fibre reinforced
A special mixture of glass fibres and plastic offers optimum stability.
Two component plastics
Leads to ideal sealing and grip of the plugs.
Laser labelling
All cables are laser labelled for minimum wearout.
Available ex-stock

Exclusively from Caterham Surgical Supplies.