Instrument Cleaning Brushes

This range of cleaning brushes has been developed to assist sterile service departments in cleaning surgical instruments. A range of brushes from LMA Cleaning kits to Orthopaedic reamer brushes are available.

The quality and integrity of surgical instruments have an important impact on the quality of surgical care. Instruments will last much longer if they are cleaned with an appropriate solution immediately after surgery and regularly sharpened, lubricated, and sterilized. Blood, tissue, and surgical residue are the primary cause of pitting, staining, and discoloration of surgical instruments. If left unattended for any extended period, an instrument will become marked and stained, especially if the residues are allowed to dry. The worst-case scenario is when surgical instruments with dried-on debris are autoclaved. The autoclave will literally bake the stains onto the instruments.

Acetabular Reamer

M16SS Stainless steel brush